Bear Bang Gear Review: Tru Flare

The Expeditioners Video Gear Review: Tru Flare

Being out in the wild requires you be conscience of the wildlife. For us Canadians that enjoy wilderness travel, there will always be Black Bears and Grizzly Bears to deal with exploring the wild!

You can startle them quite easily if you’re coming up a trail and they didn’t hear you. And your defence against these hairy canines (when you don’t have a rifle) are more intended to deter, than to stop. Enter the Tru Flare, a pen sized device that launches blanks into the air with a loud bang in the hopes of scaring them away. Be reminded that there is no guarantee that a.the bear will get scared from the noise or b. that you’ll actually have time to launch one before being charged.

This one that I demonstrate using is an aar-jarring shotgun-style bird banger that shoots 125 ft away from you. Noise level: 115 dB.

You can also use the pen-launcher for Emergency Flares. Check-out our demonstration of the Bear Bang in Willmore Wilderness, Alberta, Canada (Aka. Bear Region!)


Timelapse of clouds in Lake Albanel Qc, Gros Mourne NFL, Manicouagan Qc
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Filmed by: The Expeditioners Roberto

Impalas in Kruger Park

On our many drives in Kruger Park first with Outlook Lodge & Safaris and then self driving with a rental car from Budget South Africa, Roberto and I came across Africa’s most common and most graceful antelopes: The Impala on several different occasions. However little that we knew we were going to witness 2 males fighting on our way out of the Park! Male Impalas usually fight for status and territory throughout the mating season using their horns as weapons.

Video by: The Expeditioners Bella

Namibian Skies

Africa’s size is enormous. The places to visit–endless. Namibia is one of them. Photographer Matthew Hood was recently there, capturing the skies for our enjoyment!

Check-out his wonderful trailer: Namib Grand
Cover Photo by: Matthew Hood -Hood Visuals

“As cities expand and the human population grows, the urban world continues to encroach on what little, untouched nature remains. NAMIB GRAND highlights the raw, natural beauty of the Namibian landscape. Shot primarily in time-lapse format, one can appreciate the grandeur of Namibia’s diverse terrain, and the imperceptibility of the night sky. The natural world is the central theme, allowing the viewer to be drawn into the vastness, void of any lights or the human footprint. Over time, our earth’s unadulterated landscape becomes more of an illusion, NAMIB GRAND marvels at what beauty remains.” M.Hood

NAMIB GRAND Trailer from HoodVisuals on Vimeo.