Camping with Kids on The Expeditioners Adventure Camp


When some people think of camping, they tend to think about freeze-dried foods and discomfort. But I’ve learned over the years that not all camping adventure are made the same. Sure, sometimes you can be on the peak of a mountain with some freeze dried meals and a meagre thin mattress— but when you’re car camping— you have the ability to have some of the luxuries of life.

A few items that have been superb for The Expeditioners Adventure Camp have been :

1. Coleman’s RoadTrip Grill that uses the green propane canisters became our go-to for meal-making for The Expeditioners Adventure Camp. Not only did we cook whole racks of ribs, bacon, burgers, grilled veggies— but we also used it as a stove top for pancakes, eggs, and pasta. In a way, the bbq became like the camp hearth— where kids and councillors would mill around —wondering what goodies would pop out of it next.

2. Coleman’s 10-Person Dark Room Tent defined comfort. Spacious, light-blocking and cavernous— the kids loved sleeping there — especially with the Queen Sized inflatable mattress inside!

3. And of course pairing the kids with great Coleman Sleeping Bags made for deep sleeps, and happy campers.

So you see, with just the right gear— camping can have many of the luxuries of home!