The Windrose Beach House


The Windrose Beach House
Text by: Roberto
Photos by Roberto & Bella

Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands, Caribbean
Category: Beach House / Villa
Price Per Night: $900-$1100US

Sleeps 2-15

The Turks & Caicos islands have some of the most stunning, beautiful and pristine beaches that I have ever seen. Powdery white sand, waters in ever hue of blue and green. And even a resident dolphin in the bay- affectionately known as Jojo. (Who swam for an hour with us next to our tiny hobie-cat!) –but that’s another story;)

Providenciales’ Grace Bay Beach is regarded as one of the most gorgeous beaches in the world by many a magazine and reviewer, and I’ll happily attest to it. Bella and I spent a 1-month Honeymoon there (having visited 7 years prior) and it was a vacation we will never forget.

Yes we had our plentiful dose of adventure–but there where moments for romance, bliss, fine cuisine, and luxury lodging. Now there are many fine hotels on Grace Bay Beach. But there aren’t that many beach houses. The Windrose Beach House, offered by Tranquility Vacation rentals, is one such gem.

Secluded and overlooking stunning waters–we lolled on the massive wrap-around veranda overlooking the Caribbean. We dipped in and out of the jacuzzi on the deck. We enjoyed a little Veuve de Cliquot. And we made love. This was after-all, our honeymoon:)

In the evenings, after getting back from a day of scuba diving with Big Blue, we cooked up some dinner in the fabulous kitchen and ate it on the deck under a canopy of stars. On another night, we headed to the Turtle Cove marina (only 5 minutes away) to Baci’s for a delicious lobster dinner. One morning we woke up in our delightful beach house and grabbed the kayaks offered and headed out onto the water for a paddle. And then for a walk along the 12 miles of perfect beach.

Contact Details:

Basia : 1-649-231-1474


















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The Willow Ridge Retreat


Where the Cameron River flows out of Prelude Lake there is a perfect venue for watching the Northern Lights Across the sky– the Willow Ridge Retreat.

Truly a retreat for the body, mind and soul. Completely off the grid, you will find full detachment from the world up here. Located 33km from Yellowknife by taking the Ingraham Trail (HWY 4) and then a tiny dirt road, you will come upon this wonderful guesthouse overlooking Prelude Lake. Now this isn’t your average lodging for several reasons. For one, the home is completely off the grid, using solar panels and a wind vane for the home’s electricity. A wood stove compliments the home’s heating system for those like us who love the feeling of a wood burning fire and the crackling sounds of a homey hearth. A fabulous dock leads off over the water– where we spent our mornings sipping coffee and book in hand. (For which I must add the Willow Ridge Library has the perfect and appropriate selection.) Another pathway from the house leads down to a menagerie of kayaks and canoes which you can take out on serene Prelude Lake. But I digress, for it is not even these wonderful things that transported us so– but the skies. The magical skies.

Away from any light pollution, every night where there wasn’t any cloud cover– we watched the Aurora sing her song. We watched them from the house’s Aurora viewing deck. We watched them dance over the lake and we watched them from the dock. But the coup came when moments before falling into slumber, we watched them through our window from our room.


Additional Info:

The retreat is 1.2 hectares (3 acres) of property with access to seemingly unending kilometers (miles) of backcountry beauty.

Willow Ridge Retreat offers a unique experience of living off the grid at 62*N with conscious thought of our environment. Guests may be pleasantly surprised how comfortable living with renewable solar and wind energy, supplemented with mechanically generated power, can be. Guests will be invited to participate in energy and water conservation, composting, and recycling. The guesthouse is fully equipped with running water, flush toilet, and shower. Guests need only bring their own food supplies and personal items. All bedding is provided. The kitchen equipment includes a medium sized fridge and a full sized stove with oven.

Surrounded by ice, rock ridges, northern boreal forest, and the vast starry skies during extended dark nights in winter, Willow Ridge Retreat is the perfect place for watching the Aurora Borealis, skating, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, dogsledding, or having afternoon tea in a canvas tent on the lake ice.

Surrounded by lake, river, rock ridges, northern boreal forest, and the vast blue skies, under our midnight sun in summer, Willow Ridge Retreat is the perfect place for swimming, canoeing, kayaking, pedal boating, or bird-watching.

Surrounded by rock ridges, northern boreal forest, and vast skies in all seasons, Willow Ridge Retreat is the perfect place for trekking through backwoods trails, photography, reflection, writing, drawing, reading, building and strengthening relationships, resting, soul seeking, absorbing beauty from surrounding nature, and always: wonder.

Please contact The Willow Ridge Retreat as you are making your plans to discuss which seasonal activities we are currently sponsoring.

Contact Info:

Willow Ridge Retreat
Hosts: Paul and Roseanne Goertzen
Box 1974
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2P5

867.920.2019 phone


Price: $250CAN / Night












Meat Cove Camping, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada

One of our favourite car-camping campsites that we have ever discovered is in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

This place is called “Meat Cove” and it’s setup for car camping and RV Camping. The coolest sit is this one though!

Bella, Wang-Tsu and I camped on the point– and were lucky enough to be treated to a night of Auroras dancing across the sky– and this in summertime!

Here is a photo taken by Roberto. The three of us were standing behind the camera. Just staring at the sky in awe.

A life worth dreaming

Practical Details:

$25 per car campsite.

2479 Meat Cove Road
Inverness County, Cape Breton
NS, B0C 1E0
Phone: 1-902-383-2379