Impalas in Kruger Park

On our many drives in Kruger Park first with Outlook Lodge & Safaris and then self driving with a rental car from Budget South Africa, Roberto and I came across Africa’s most common and most graceful antelopes: The Impala on several different occasions. However little that we knew we were going to witness 2 males fighting on our way out of the Park! Male Impalas usually fight for status and territory throughout the mating season using their horns as weapons.

Video by: The Expeditioners Bella

The Expeditioners “Explore Africa”

Explore Africa Flyer12 Flights, 5 weeks, 2 people, 1 continent. Africa.

For 12 days we explored Senegal– from the concrete and hectic streets of downtown to the serene silence of the Sine Saloum delat, where Baobabs pock the landscape–gnarled roots reaching for the sky. Patiently.

The trees are old. Ancient. Yet they are left alone by the locals. Spared of the fire-pit that serves as they’re stove. But it’s not out of reverence that they avoid being cut. The wood is too moist, and doesn’t burn. It’s how they survive the arid and hot summer months–by conserving water in they’re wood–in they’re bark. And they don’t sprout leaves in order to contain energy and conserve water.

Thanks to booking with points–our flights across Africa were circuitous. From Senagal to Mali to Ethiopia– we finally made it to South Africa, where we went on safari in Kruger National Park. Rhinos, Elephants, a Cheetah, Imapalas, and much more– and some mysterious ant/spider bites! Many stories and photos to show from this segment.

Then we flew from Nelspruit to Cape Town. Table top mountain was clear on the only day we had available to go up it! Luck!

From there the drive was delightful to Hermanus and on to Gaansbai– where we got to partake in one of the top ten world dives/ activities to try once(or more;) in your life– shark cage diving with great whites!

And onto Mozambique– to scuba dive with giant groupers and trek across white desert dunes overlooking emerald waters.

This was the very succinct itinerary– and we’ll be writing the details of each adventure (as indeed there were many) in the first issue of The Expeditioners Magazine.

Stay tuned for lots and lots of stories and videos through The Expeditioners social media, and the upcoming Expeditioners Magazine!

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