An Expeditioners Family

First there were two. Now there are three!

I was always told to seize any opportunity to travel before settling down to start a family. My mother has always been the biggest advocate for getting “out there” and experiencing as much as I can in life. My parents introduced travel and outdoor adventure to my three younger siblings and I from a fairly young age, taking us on plenty of family camping trips, visits to family in California, and long road trips through New England and down the East Coast to Florida. My childhood is full of fond memories traveling with my family and I always knew that travel is something I wanted to share with my own children, fostering a sense of adventure, open-mindedness and global community.

The Expeditioners Magazine's Kelly & David

When I was old enough to travel on my own, my parents definitely encouraged it. It all began with a week-long trip to Hong Kong with one of my younger brothers and that trip changed my life. My brother and I were both in college and my parents gifted us with an awesome trip to experience together. Traveling around on our own, pursuing our own interests and really just immersing ourselves in our surroundings stoked an inner flame that I did not even realize was there. I caught the travel bug and my heart and mind broke wide open, excited by the possibility of seeing and experiencing more of the world. After Hong Kong, I traveled more whenever I could manage it, saving my hard-earned money from part-time work (and sometimes maxing out my credit card) to take a few trips out to the UK, first with my Mom and sister, and then on my own to visit friends. After England, I felt more adventurous and embarked on a solo trip to Costa Rica where I surfed and backpacked around, meeting fun, like-minded people along the way. When I met David, my partner, we spoke about wanting to travel together and he followed me back to Costa Rica where we explored more of the beautiful country together. Since then, we’ve been on a few short road trips together but we haven’t had a chance to travel overseas again due to various circumstances. It’s always something we’d love to do again and have seriously contemplated.

When David and I became parents, people said we could kiss travel goodbye, at least for awhile. As we watched Dylan awaken to the world and recognized his deep curiosity and abundant energy, we decided we would try to travel as a young family. Always on the go, we could see a fierce desire to explore in the eyes of our son and decided it would be interesting to get him “out there”. We knew it would be challenging to travel with an infant, and it would certainly be more different than any trip we’ve planned before, but we knew traveling with a little person wasn’t impossible. We had the means to do it and the drive to try it.

The Expeditioners Magazine's Kelly, David and Dylan

So here we are. Dylan is almost one and a half years-old and the three of us are planning an adventure. We are not quite sure where we are headed but as soon as our plans come together, we invite you to follow our travel adventure on The Expeditioners Magazine Web site, social media channels and within the Magazine itself. We will explore some family-friendly activities (and some not), figure out the best places to stay, think about all the things that need to be considered traveling with a tot, ponder what to bring, and more! Stay tuned!

The Expeditioners KellyStory and photos by the Expeditioners Magazine’s Kelly

Kelly is an experience-seeking, sun-worshipping, downward-dogging Mama who is also the designer behind The Expeditioners Magazine. She enjoys snowboarding, camping, surfing, and stand-up paddling, and cannot wait to introduce her son to the wonders of the world, Expeditioners style!