Korean Thanksgiving in Manning, Alberta

Definitely one of the most amazing things from having embarked on Expedition Canada is that we simply don’t know what the next day will bring, or whom we will meet. Every day is an adventure. A mystery.

After having driven 900km south from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories– and having slept in the truck at a gravel pit off the Mackenzie Highway the night before- we were exhausted and decided to stop by a lovely looking motel (Hillcrest Motel) in the small town of Manning, Alberta. The clock was nearing midnight- but still, a jovial lady greeted us and checked us in.

We chatted with the owner, Agnes, and left her an Expeditioners card. After leaving our stuff in the room, curiosity called and we took a quick walk to look around the tiny town. Yet again, the Northern lights were shining above, but we didn’t have our cameras and so enjoyed the ribbons of green flittering across the sky. The temps dipped, near zero, as they tend to due on optimal aurora viewing nights. And then off to our queen sized bed we went.

This morning Hillcrest jumped on-board as a sponsor (after having perused our sites) and even invited us to their Korean Thanksgiving Dinner. A feast of traditional korean fare like Kimchi was laid out before us, a little beer mixed with a korean vodka-like brew, and wonderful conversation from our host and her friends.

Here are a few photos from our meal, and video of us toasting just as it began!

That’s the wonderful thing with this kind of adventure– you just never known where you’ll end-up for dinner!

Here is where we are staying: www.hillcrestmotelmanningab.com