Namibian Skies

Africa’s size is enormous. The places to visit–endless. Namibia is one of them. Photographer Matthew Hood was recently there, capturing the skies for our enjoyment!

Check-out his wonderful trailer: Namib Grand
Cover Photo by: Matthew Hood -Hood Visuals

“As cities expand and the human population grows, the urban world continues to encroach on what little, untouched nature remains. NAMIB GRAND highlights the raw, natural beauty of the Namibian landscape. Shot primarily in time-lapse format, one can appreciate the grandeur of Namibia’s diverse terrain, and the imperceptibility of the night sky. The natural world is the central theme, allowing the viewer to be drawn into the vastness, void of any lights or the human footprint. Over time, our earth’s unadulterated landscape becomes more of an illusion, NAMIB GRAND marvels at what beauty remains.” M.Hood

NAMIB GRAND Trailer from HoodVisuals on Vimeo.