What Fits Into a Kayak

The Expeditioners Magazine Gear Guide: What fits into a Kayak?

The Expeditioners concept has been long in forming. It started with my adventures camping Quebec’s wilderness regions, and exploring the most remote places I could find. This video was filmed several years ago–when I was just getting into sea-kayaking. Somehow the videos got a ton of views– but I’ll be the first to admit that they’re somewhat long-winded, and that indeed, my list of necessities has changed some. Like bringing Wellington’s instead of Mountaineer Boots.. but hey, you learn:

Imagine–before coming up with The Expeditioners name, I was considering “Desert Penguin” and “My Wild” !!




The World Of Trak Kayaking

Sea- Kayaking allows one to explore otherwise inaccessible places. From remote lakes to rugged and stunning coastlines– a kayak is the perfect medium to go camping. You can fill it with your equipment and head off to discover the world!

It was when we began exploring third world countries that we began to understand the importance of having our own sea kayaks. We wanted to explore lakes and oceans with the kayaks available in places like Belize and Mexico, but quickly discovered that the boats were barely sea-worthy and even less so for the type of multi-day expeditions that we so thoroughly enjoy.

Enter the TRAK KAYAK. A folding kayak that fits into a golf bag, has a hydraulic system to stretch the frame, and can carry a superb payload! We have taken ours to Iceland, Mexico, Australia and all over Canada!

Learn more about them at www.rethinkkayak.com



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